Friday, February 22, 2008

Empire Street Names

Hi Marty,

Here are a few family names from Empire starting from Regent. Even number side. O'Brien's.They lived in one of the huge houses. He was in his own business. Always had big barrels on the back of his truck. Maybe John Mc. will know something about the family as well.

Next to them was the Blair's. A few houses down was the Lucas's I think. She had a daughter that went to St. Edmond's school and I can't remember her name.

Mrs.Lucas also taught piano I beleive. Then the Houle family. Denise.Maybe she can remember the Lucas girls name. The Vaughn's lived in a big duplex. Edith, Marilyn and a brother. A couple of houses down was the Tobin's. Shaun and Dean.

The father did drive Taxi for awhile.I think his name Al. Next to them was the Benjafield family.Barbara, Dorothy, Joan who was my friend. Betty May a niece who stayed with them for some time. Grace, and Bruce. Next to them Barbara Benjafield and her husband Clifford Barfoot built a house and are still there I think.

Next to them the Tegues. Not sure of the spelling. After them the Rimmer's moved in from across the street. The Rimmers lived beside our family for quite a few years. Jackie and Terry.

Next to them was Mr Foster and next to him was his son Peter Foster. They had five children I think. Dee Dee who is deceased. Susan, Penny, Iona, and Peter Junior I think.

Next to them the Chamillards. Bobby, Jose, and one I can.t remember. Mr.Foster had those three houses built and lived in them all at one time,
Before the Rimmers lived beside us Mrs White lived there. Then she moved down near Churchill in a duplex facing John St.
I hope everyone can understand all this.

I am really enjoying the old family names coming up. Our family had been in the Park from the twenty's.

Ellen (McCourt)Stone

Thanks Ellen

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