Friday, February 15, 2008

Everyone has a Voice.....

While I didn't much appreciate the cynical commentary by my old friend and neighbour Mr. McConachie, I did enjoy reading that piece marking the celebration of the first graduating class from Royal George School. I should have been part of that class but adolescent insolence and the influence of James Dean movies saw me leave school and rebel without cause.

Still I retain wonderful memories of having grown up in the Park and I very much value being able to keep up on the ways in which our lives have unfolded over the past many years. This summer will mark 40 years since I left the Park, and I still miss Montreal and Quebec in general and our town in particular.

Mind BC has also been a wonderful place for me. I take some satisfaction from the fact that my nephew and his family continue to occupy the home at 308 Murray Avenue that has been in our family since 1953. With regard to that piece about Royal George, one of the things about which colleagues have teased me is a florid writing style.

Until October I was in a position where I had to write decisions, and my colleagues would roll their eyes at the way in which I chose to express my thoughts. After reading the grad article, for the first time I am begging to think they may have had a point.

I also enjoyed seeing the pic of the gathering of Parkers in Prince George circa late 1960's. How young and beautiful we all were!!! It was a good time, most of us newly married and beginning our lives as parents and learning how to feed our families and pay the hydro bill. During some months it was a choice to do one or the other.

How many readers remember deliberately putting the cheque to the gas company in the hydro envelope and vice versa hoping that by the time it was returned and straightened out, you would have enough money to pay both? Hell we had to - gas was almost 50 cents a gallon! Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting with Barry and Louise in Prince George and we revisited old times and caught up on new.

For those folk who say that age doth not wither I am appending twp photos - one of Buddy Wright and I in Banff in 1966, and the other taken just over two weeks ago at home in Peachland. One of the things I was hoping to do in retirement was write.

After seeing my early effort I know that I shall have to use the language more sparingly. At some point I shall have to get even for the pick on gus remark - but I am having trouble thinking of comic incidents involving your intrepid Stittsville correspondent that are innocent enough for a "G" rated blog.

Still I don't want to be too harsh - he sent me a Paul Reid tape a while back as well as the words to the Poem Vagabond House. But that's another story ...... Best to all Gus Richardson

Thanks Gus

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