Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Days on Devonshire

Richard and Stephen really do look like ANGELS in that picture, funny my memory of them and Marston (Marty!) and Elton is in the "hole" between the two houses catching TADPOLES, and then hiding them where ever to show them off!!!

My other memory is "How many times did I run for that over-packed #5 bus to get into work - cause I was too slow to walk to the corner of Churchill for the #1! That's why I will always be very grateful to Mr. Richardson (Gus' father) for being my driver to work at PVM, the best times were when Victoria Bridge was packed, and he would deek off to Dunkin Donuts for coffee!!

Every time Gus and John M. input to the blog, I get another "memory" the noon hour snowball fights at Third and Empire between the Fontaines/Meads/and anyone else who was around..

Millie, Carolyn, Donna, Barbara and I used to run like Mad!!! Or watching the Legion/Warrior baseball games where Bob would be pitching with that 'crazy' sidearm pitch, and WHO was the catcher??? Was it PINKY??? Enough. My head is in pain!!..gotta go, but I really enjoy this BLOG!!! Gale Anne

Thanks Gale Ann, Those were fun days, remember that creak that we used to play in catching the little minows and frogs. Those were simpler times and we did have a lot of fun in our old neighborhood

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