Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In the late 40's and early 50's before they put in Princess St..The parkers Hazel and Dorothy lived on the right hand side facing Churchill. The Holden's Ann and David lived on left side Buddy Wright lived a couple of houses down from the Parkers, McLean's Beverly & Theresa lived between Holden's and Whites Lindsey who had a sister younger than us.

Then the Massey family George and Eddy then the Hannah Ronald The Loves Margaret Michael and Kevin. going up from St. Charles on the right Roys Ron and Robert, Then Brooker Heather , McFarland's Armand still lives there,.Beatrice, Violet, Linda, debrah, Lanny Gilbert and Diane. Perks Heather & Allan, Fillions Margaret & Lorraine, Kempers Stephen & brother?
Perks, Fillion,& loves went to St Edmunds School.
That was Murray Ave. John McC You did it again you forgot Pat Geary who still lives there. LOL
I have enjoyed the memories. Thank you so much everyone.
Heather B. C.

Thanks Heather

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