Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Message from our Prairie Moments Reporter

Hi Marston

Had a skiff of snow last night and got talking to the neighbour as we cleaned off our driveways. We discovered we are both writing our own personal stories. He's from Holland and I have lived in 5 of Canada's provinces.

Just reading Bob H 's comments tonight about writing his biography, many of our generation are doing this it seems. We came to the conclusion that we are a

" Bridge" generation. The life of our parents didn't differ a whole lot from their parents and even less between those parents and the preceding lot. But the difference between our lives ( especially the earlier years) and today’s generation is so great as to be almost incomprehensible.

You see e-mails circulating about the words we used and the customs we shared just 50 years ago and we get a big chuckle, but they might as well be talking about foreign country as far as this generation is concerned.. I think that's one of the reasons the Greenfield Park Blog is so successful. We keep reaching back to a time that only those of use who lived through it can relate. Look how many folk remember sliding down a slide in the field off Churchill where there is a building today, or playing in a creek as a kid where today there are industrial and commercial buildings..

Our generation made the biggest quantum leap in technology and building in history. We stand with one foot in the last of the 19 century and the other foot in the beginning of the 21 st. I have photographs of my great grandfather and mother. They lived at the time of the industrial revolution, powered by steam technology. My grandfather was a machinist in the cotton mills in Lancashire England. My Dad was a machinist at Dominion Rubber. They manufactured fire hoses that were sent to London to help put out the fires caused by the bombing raids. Contrast that to my son in law who reviews videos and movies for Family viewing and TV reviews, or my grandson who designs and manipulates computers. These technologies weren't even invented yet. Who knows what my three great grandchildren will do?

I have met my folks 3 generations back and I now sit and talk to 3 generations from me into the future. Doesn't that make us a bridge generation like no other?

So let Bob Hawkins know, don’t call your biography a " Sic" anything, there likely isn't going to be another one like it for while. Old Chinese proverb. "May you live in interesting times" Well we've sure got 'em. Make the best of them mate! And write them down before you forget. It will be important and interesting to some one in the future. I figure every one loves dinosaurs, my story is bound to be a hit

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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