Friday, February 22, 2008

More Murray Ave Names

Hi Marty, I was holding off to see if there were any more assaults on my fading memory and since there were only two I felt I could safely reply.

First to Richard Werenchuk thanks for the correction, I guess the Caverly mistake was because Terry always seemed to be around there. To add to Richards story ,one of the girls who lived upstairs in the old Pentecostal church was Darlene Rivers. One story about that building when it was the Church.

Although most of our Third Street Gang had not seen the inside of a church ,aside from Cub meetings at the United Church, since they had been baptized, we were all at the corner of Churchill and Devonshire for one week each summer to attend Daily Vacation Bible School.

For five successive mornings we would be there to sing hymns and hear a bible story but most importantly to create a gift for our mothers. Using Fret Saws(remember those) we would cut sand and paint a little doodaw which on the Friday we would take home to Mom to be placed in some position of honour in the house.

(2) re the picture of the legion fastball team ,my guesses are-top L-R "Chick" Haladay ? ? Bobby Dias .Fred Nightingale
seated L-R ? Bruce Pollin, Buddy Smith, Jeff Willett, Lynn Brown, Ted Newbury

(3) To Heather Brooker I did not forget Patsy Geary . Aside from The Perraults, I had yet to get to my own end of the street but I will now. Right next to Ken Combers house towards Third John McNicholl lived upstairs later Gerry Moores ( son Brian), on the same side two doors down Jackie Letourneau and her mother lived with Mr Alf Cobb former mayor of GFPK-Mrs Letourneau was Mr Cobbs housekeeper.

Next to them were the Teagues ,Richard and Ernie as mentioned by Gus Richardson, and next door were the Fewtrells, Millie and her sister whose name I can't recall, right across the street was Patsy Geary whose parents were my Aunt Kitty and Uncle Frank--not blood relatives. Next to the Geary's were the Thompsons whose childrens Christian names I can't remember.

Across from the Thompsons was Abbie Sones,and next to him Ronnie Powe,, next to the Powes was Springthorpes,(son Billy), the Boswells (no children) and before the Perreaults the Chandlers( Joy and David).

Next to our house The Lockharts( children Vickie and John) built a Halliday house on what was our baseball field for a while.Next to them was a French Family whose name I can't remember. Next to them were the Carons, Roger, John and one other son I can't remember.

Next to the Carons were the Balls , sons Ernie Billy and Jackie and across from them, first the Fieldings( Ross and Brenda ) and after them the Petrauskaus-- sons Victor and Romas.Between the Chandlers and Fieldings were the Prossers children all grown up and away and the Witticks/Dowker children all grown up.

I will save the section of Murray from Third to Regent for someone else or a later date.

(4) Lastly are some additional names for the kids baseball picture to those already listed by Millie and Linda—

Coach Terry Tomalty? Jim Robinson(Wally's Dad) Cliff Board, Players-- Bud Wright, George Wade,Rodney Holcroft, Barry Dewick, Johnny Normandeau, Keith Antle, George Hurford, Fred Goodall Murray Penney, Eddy Massey, Gilles Fontaine, Jimmy Fitzhugh, Bill Hinks, Bayliss(Gary or Brian)Gary Farber, Dave Jeary, Ken Berry, Steve Kemper.

(5) To Judy Haladay your cousins the Hinks lived on Miller.

Thanks John

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