Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Neigborhood Names & a Challenge for More

Hi Marty ,
(1) Thanks to Normand for his photo of the Warriors clubhouse and i look forward to his list of Fairfield Ave. peers. I also remember Richie Gaudreau and in fact had 1 hit and two strike outs against him in an exhibition game.

(2) I also wanted to add some names that were triggered by Ellen and Gus' lists. First Ellen 's list, Peter White was a name that I forgot when naming the White Children on Third .

He was the youngest. On the Springfield list I think there was another Hilton sister Pauline who I think married Ralph Hewitt and then there was the Thomas family Shirley, Nancy, Dorothy and I think Gordon.

On Murray, there was John Normandeau's brother Andre, the Douris brothers Ernie, Harold, Earl and "Butch" but they probably moved up to Miller before Gus arrived. If I'm not mistaken there was the Caverly (Terry) family right by the Creek opposite Youngs and Bobby Clark whose name was Sheets before he was adopted by the Clarks next to Bartons.

And finally one of the few,perhaps only protestant French families in The Park back then was the Perreaults, Johnny , Claude, Gisele, who was a classmate of mine and a younger sister who I can't remember.

Lastly Marty can any of your subscribers give us the true names belonging to those four nicknames that Gus listed. I will make it five nicknames by adding "zoom,zoom" . JMcC

PS I am waiting to hear from Cliff Walker, George Hollingdrake, Bob Godefroy, Tommy Naylor, Winston Swinwood, Murray Penney and anyone else who can add to the list of playmates of yesteryear from their respective parts of town.

Thanks John,
There was a blonde girl that lived on the same side of the street as Gus. She lived in the upstairs apartment of a two story home very near Gus R. She married Charlie Banning who owned the Shell Gas Station on Victoria across from the A & P. I believe her first name was Anita. Does anyone remember her.

Another family on Murray near St Charles was the MacFarlane's, Armond and he had several other sisters.. Also The Massey Family

Eddie, George, & Carol

There was another on the east side of Murray near the Massey's ("Lindsay")????


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