Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Springfield Ave Names

Hi Marty,

Some of the names on Springfield.

The Hilton's. Gloria and Carol lived next to Royal George toward Regent.
The Bobrick's. He was a taxi driver at one time. Son's name was David.
Next to them was the Smithman's my grandparents. They had nine children. They were across from the United Church on an angle. There was another family moved in after but I can't remember their name.
The Beals lived a little further up on the same side. He was a barber at one time. There was a son by the name of Terry.
The Casselman's also lived near there. I remember Paul.
Across the street from from my grandmother was the Wade family.George and another brother. I can't think of his name.
Further up toward Churchill was the Nerons not sure of the spelling and then the Fennel's lived in the same house.
The Reeves lived near there.
The Deacons next to Kipps store. Carol and Sylvia
The Stones on the corner of Springfield and Churchill. Jack, Sammy, Tommy,Betty, Jimmy and Helen. Sam's my husband. No relation to the other Stone family as far as I know.

Thanks Ellen

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