Sunday, February 03, 2008

Morning Marty

Don't you ever sleep? It must be at least midnight by the time you wrap up the posting on the blog at night and then here it is 5.17a.m. in the morning your time according to your letter, and you are sending e mails out. How do you keep it up ?
Its bitter cold out here this month but not nearly as bad as the folks are getting down east. They seem to have one storm after the other.. We're doing just fine here but can't wait for spring.
The trouble I find is just as you describe.. Once I have sent in the photos I have regarding" The days of our lives" in Greenfield Park, then thats it, I have run out of topics and pictures. What can I send you next?

As I went through my life story book, I did have a few humerous personal stories about life as I knew it in Greenfield Park,. One is about trying to fix the roof of the house with my Dad, the other about teaching a friend, George Kozland, how to drive my motorocycle on those back Roads of Devonshire,, and another swimming in St Lambert at their river swim spot. Just crazy personal stuff but do you think this would generate any interest or encourage others to do the same? I was looking over a collections of photos showing the construction of expo 67. Thats 0ver 40 years ago but still fresh in my mind, would they be of any interest?

This thought may be of encouragement to you.....I went to Chambly county High because Royal George wasn't up to high school level at the time. They have a web site and they are always complaining because of lack of interest.

It bores me beyond belief and its not just the alumni annual fee they want me to send in. . I was trying to evaluate why this one does and yours doesn't. . The difference between your Greenfield park site and the St Lambert High equivilent is the mission statement. ( Steven Covey's words for attitude.)

Neither have ever published a mission statement, but its obvious so you don't have to. . St LAmbert High was an exclusive English speaking High School but the only protestant high scool in Chambly county between St Jean Sur Richileau and Longuieil some 30 miles of everything in between on the south shore.

Someone in their wisdom decreed the high school would be opened to every body in the county, so the following year, we, the unwashed masses showed up. It was a time of adjustment for every body. Now I am second generation Canadian, but true blue through and through.

It feels so good to have left the English/ french, Catholic / Protestant issues of the past, in the past where they belong and to enjoy this beautiful country we all live in. The slap stick comedy, of Normand, the fun poking of Bob H, even the ferrel cat and the comments from all the other just plain Greenfield Park folks now spread all over God's good green earth, keep us from getting too serious about ourselves.

St. LAmbert on the other hand feels like a nastalgic call to look back to the past at the status quo before things " changed" Well thats only my biased, limited narrow opinion but I 'm sticking to it. It does though contrast the two approaches. They speak for themselves. One is spontanious the other feels forced.

I love watching the items posted from UTube. I don't have much time to visit Utube but the items you select I find interesting and amusing. Paul Potts the amazing opera singer is an example.

I bought a CD of his at Costco but would never have heard of him or his story or enjoyed his remarkable voice except for your posting.
Thats my rant and rave for this morning. If you want to post some , all or none of it, feel free

Have a great week end. Try to stay warm Minus 31 this morning



Thanks Doug,
I appreciate your kind words and yes I think people would enjoy stories of our childhood as well as our lives today. This site belongs to the participants and contributors.

I think there is a little something for everyone. Photos from our past are another way of remembering our lives growing up in GPK.
Other photographs from parts of the world that many of us will never get to are enjoyed by some visitors.

I hope we can keep the diversity going and keep increasing our readership. Some of the stories jog the memories of our visitors and that prompts more submissions.


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