Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mtl Wrestlers and Normand the Barber

Hi Marty . First thanks to Normand. As a historian of all things GFPK he is great but he'll never make it as a barber. His pictures of the wrestlers though bring back many memories.

First those men in the pictures were regulars at "La Lutte au Forum" Wednesday night wrestling at the Montreal Forum ,which was one of the first events to be telecast live when TV arrived in the Montreal area in 1952.

In addition to Norm's photos I remember three other midget wrestlers who used to form a tag-team unit with Little Beaver,they were Sky Low Low , Fuzzy Cupid and Cowboy Bradley.

Along with Yvon Robert and other local wrestlers Larry Moquin, and Johnny Rougeau--photo attached(all good guys) were regulars Yukon Eric(he always entered the ring wearing work boots, jeans with a piece of rope for a belt and a plaid red and black jacket) and Wladek "Killer" Kowalski.

Other names I recall from that era were "Bobo" Brazil and his patented "Coco Bump", The gentlemen Edouard Carpentier and Lou Thesz and his patented "sleeper hold".

Two incidents from that era are still vivid in my mind. One was Kowalski tearing part of Yukon Eric's ear off.According to the story Kowalski did a staged knee drop off the top rope as Eric was laying on the mat and Eric did not move fast enough and Kowalski's knee caught Eric's ear,which required emergency surgery.

The second incident I actually saw. I was in Weredale at the time and we had heard that some fellow was going to pull a city bus in front of the Forum which was just up the street from Weredale.

Us boys raced from school to catch the show and when we got there we saw Yukon Eric with a hawser-like rope wrapped around his shoulders and the other end attached to the bumper of the bus. We watched as Yukon began to lean forward and strain and then ever so slowly the bus began to move forward and he subsequently pulled it a full twenty to thirty feet. JMcC

Thanks John.

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