Monday, February 25, 2008

Murray Ave missing Names

One family that was not mentioned was the Gareau Family they lived in a big red house on the corner of Churchill and Murray. The father owned a fuel oil buisness and was responsable for keeping a lot of families in the park warm in the winter.

I use to help them on a Saturday deliver oil to their customers. I can remember delivering to John Mc. house often. Lou use to fuel one of his taxi's with I believe Furnace oil and another oil mixed he had a Mercides Diesel at the time.

I drove for Lou along with John's brother Jim. I dont think Lou made a lot of money with us driving. The Gareau's had four Children Gilles- Peter- Dennise- Denny, The Rogan family lived above the Gareau's at one time.

They had two children Ronnie & Bonnie. Ronnie passed away at a young age. He was married to Venna Dawes her father owned the electrical store on Churchill next to the newest Pop's Restaurent between Springfield & Fairfield at one time Pops use to be down near the Catholic Church his special was Fish and Chips wrapped in Newspaper.

I Mentioned Thr Rogan family as having two children I think it was four I believe there was a set of twins Randy and Wendy if I rember right

David Wright (Horseman)
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