Saturday, February 16, 2008

Names from Springfield Ave..GPK

Hi Marty;

As a response to John's challenge, I have attached a list of some of
the people I remember who lived on Springfield in the 50's and early
60's. Hope the attachment is in a format that you can use.

John P.

Names from the Past – Springfield

Marty, here is my shot at naming some of the people who lived on Springfield in the 1950's and early 1960's.

On the Royal George side of the street starting at Third and working towards Churchill

The Gardner's – Carol and May

The Kilpatrick's – Marilyn & Dorothy

The Allen's – Janet (Upstairs from Kilpatrick's)

A house with no kids – Don't recall family name

The Verner's – Velta

The Comartain's – Francois & ???

The Holmes' – Paula & Margaret (after the Comartin's moved to California)

The Taggart's – Children were grown and moved away

The Penney's – John & Keith

The Stone's – Melvin & some older brothers I cannot remember

The Platt's – Ronnie (After the Stone's moved to Fairfield)

The Harper's – Catherine & Glen?

2 or 3 houses without any kids – I don't recall the family names

The Kobuke's – Wayne & Diane

The Rattray's – Lynda and several others who I cannot recall

On the side opposite the School starting at Third and going towards Churchill:

The Penney's – Murray & Roberta

At one point Sandra Snow's Grandparents (Don't recall who else lived there)

Don't recall the name of the family in the next large house

The Carr's – No children
The Morley's – Ross Morley's grandparents and aunt Freda?

The Marion's – don't remember the kid's names – Sharon Ketchcuck & younger sister lived upstairs at one point

The Boller's – Billy, Lorna and several others whose names I can't recall

The Tudor's – After the Boller's our teacher Mr Tudor bought and renovated the house

The Stobrich's – After the Tudor's, Mr Stobrich and his family moved in – Gerta & ???

The Morley's – Bob, Norman & Ross (Ross currently lives in this house)

The Grochoski's - Steve

The Wade's - George

Thanks John P.
Care to add some more names???

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