Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Names from Third Street

Hi Marty, (1) Barb H. that was fantastic . According to my calculations your score was 91%. I would have missed a couple of those you that you noted.I also included the names of the 4 Sauve Bros which you mentioned in an earlier posting, and did not include the three Dunn boys names(Gill,Malley and Michael) in my calculation as they were in your house before you moved in.The Loiselles did not have any children that I could remember.

The ones you missed were Malley(Enid), Hughes(Frank-- there may have been others which Norma Knight might be able to answer) and Like you I can't remember the name of the Watmore sister other than her married name was Kidd , her son was Warren I think and she later became the partner of Frank Monroe, Insurance salesman, master MC,super fundraiser, Director of The South Shore Colts football team, organizer of an annual New Years Eve variety show for the Ste Anne de Bellevue vets for 53 yrs. Frank was also the brother of Billy Monroe who had a radio show for kids on station CKVL(Verdun) Saturday mornings called "Call Me Uncle".

On another topic ,does anyone know the whereabouts of Derek Dempster. Before I get accused of focusing too much on the "Jock" side Derek was one of the more talented musicians to come out of "The Park".He was a piano player and lived on Fairfield near Sandra Robinson(Snow).

I travelled with Derek for two yrs when I was attending Sir George Williams University. Derek had a V W "Bug" and on very cold days it was my job to keep the windshield clear of frost buildup until the little fan on the dash took over. The other thing I remember from those cold winter days was knocking on Derek's door and holding it open while he carried out the battery for the "Bug" which he had taken indoors the night before to ensure the car would run in the morning.

I thought that Derek might have gone into a criminal rehabilitation career. On the topic of piano players the other very talented pianist I remember from back then was Brian Hayman. Brian ,a little older than I ,lived down the street from me on Murray in the old Cully house. Brian is in the consulting business in which he utilizes his jazz combo to work with various corporations regarding organizational change,teamwork etc. You can get more information by Googling Brian's name. By the way a more recent piano ingenue is Linda Laroche(Alexander) who has been the official pianist for the Arcadians Choral Society for I think about 25-30 yrs JMcC

Thanks John

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