Friday, February 15, 2008

The Neighborhood Challenge

Hi Marty, I guess I started something with my Third Street Challenge and it was fun.

To answer Norma Knight's ?? re the other end of Third;
(1) after Ron Thurston came Fred Carbonneau
(2) The White's children were Shirley, Attlee and Audrey, Robbie, Johnny and David. When they moved out Agnes Haymond moved in along with her brother Paul "Babe" L'abbe (who worked for the town) and her children Gayle (mother of former NHL 'er Gary Galley) Sandra (married to Norman Morley) and twin boys Lou and Larry.

That is it for Third except for Buster Tombs children which I don't know, but somebody out there does. Now I would like to challenge your subscribers to do the same thing for their respective neighbourhoods way back when.

Gus Richardson Murray Ave, Normand Simard, Bob Godefroy Fairfield, Cliff Walker Springfield, Richard Werenchuk Devonshire etc.

Let's see where it goes. JMcC

Thanks John, One Family not Mentioned was The Miller's, JoAnn and Carol. They lived beside Doc's Lane in the 50's

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