Friday, February 29, 2008

New Traffic Law...???

Hi Marty,
Re NEW LAW, (Barb H), Thurs. blog.
Legislation was enacted last year in Alberta whereby drivers are required to slow down to 60 kph while passing emergency vehicles that have their lights flashing. However, I am not aware that motorists are required to move into the left lane - a situation that would be silly if the emergency vehicle was in the left lane. I called the provincial government in an effort to obtain additional information but nobody was available - scary thought. The government web site was no help either; the most recent copy of the Revised Statutes of Alberta posted was several years old. One wonders . . . . .

Thanks George P.
In Texas it depends if it is a two lane or a four lane highway. A two lane road requires a dramatic reduction of speed while passing an emergency vehicle.

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