Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Old Lion's Club in GPK

Hi Marty:

In reading the story on The Met Theatre by Normand, he mentions the Lions Club... yes the Club did own the building for a few years in the late 60's and 70's and it brought back many memories of the good times had there.

Apart from it being a place for the Club to hold its meetings, the building was rented out for weddings, etc. and a good Lion - George Clayton was the janitor.

I am sure alot of your readers will remember the Teenage Dances on Friday nights, with the
"St Lambert Boys" doing the DJ.... it was always packed, the Lion members and wives being the chaperones. I remember vividly on one occasion being on duty as a chaperon, going into the Ladies washroom and one girl was crying uncontrollably, I thought she was sick, and said ' oh dear' what is wrong ? Her friend was trying to console her, and she said 'oh she is heartbroken because the fellow she wanted to dance with, wouldn;t dance with her". I asked who the fellow was and she told me.....I was flabbergasted ..... my reply to her was " oh for goodness sake - don;t cry over him, there are alot more fish in the sea ".
Guess what ..............that was my son !!!!!! Thank goodness she did not know I was his Mother!!!!!
I have told this story to my son's two teenagers and their reply to their Father was ' Dad - how could you be so cruel ? '

Many an Oyster Party was held, Dances whether it be Halloween (masquerade) New Years Eve,
St Patricks Dance and others; Bingos; Auctions; Movie nights; Fashion Shows ; Military Whist;
Distribution of Christmas Baskets; So many good times - the hall was always in use.

At that time the Lioness Club had a Nearly New Shop upstairs which the members operated. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons would see the Lioness Members busily sorting out merchandise that was donated and put in order... and chatting profusely with the clients. Everybody knew everybody.

I could go on and on about the memories in that building, but the time came when the building needed much repairs and it would have been too costly, thus the building had to be sold.

So many fond memories , some good, some bad, some funny, others downright hilarious !!!

Joyce Tomalty

Thanks Joyce

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