Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photo Names from Prince George

Hi Marty, my guess for Swinnie's photo is: Back L-R Mike Jenkins, Carol Stone?, Jim Cooke, Mr Swinwood, Mrs Swinwood, Gary Farber, Dawn Dewick.
Front L-R Melvin Stone, Swinnie, A.J. "Gus" Richardson , Anne Swinwood.

The photo jogged my grey cells and reminded me of the summer of 1968. A number of Parkers had already moved to Prince George so Gary Farber and I decided to go and visit them. We left GFPK at 7:00 am on a Monday Morning.

We were in Sault St Marie by supper time(had a swim in Lake Superior), drove on to White River( arguably the record holder for the coldest city in Canada-- they did have a huge thermometer on a stand as you drive into town registering -47F I think) spent an hour at a campsite until the mosquitoes and sand fleas drove us out and we ended up sleeping in my car in a shopping centre parking lot.

Arrived in Winnipeg at about 4:00 pm the next day and stayed with the Laughlin's (Leah and Linda) that night and really enjoyed a warm shower. Arrived in Medicine Hat before Dinner on the third day and spent a pleasant few hours with Georgia Moir and again slept in the car that night.

Late in the afternoon of the fourth day we were in Prince George. We spent a few days in PG and then proceeded to Vancouver . From there we again took 4 days to get back home. There were many memorable sights during the two weeks we were gone but the most memorable was driving through the Rockies with the top of my '63 Impala convertible down. Utterly magnificent. JMcC

Thanks John

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