Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pics from Nanaimo BC

Hi Marston,
I know the blog site is all about the park but I just wanted to share these
pics with everyone. This is our view from the front deck of our home in
Nanaimo. The view is always the same as in the direction that we are
looking, however, as you can see, every day I take a picture the view is
just a little different! We are so enjoying "The Best Place on Earth" -
that's BC's new slogan on the new license plates and in the ads for their
150th anniversary celebrations going on this year.

And, bonus, Spring has already sprung here - temps have been close to
15C(~60F) every day with lots of sunshine and warmth for the past two weeks!
Definite proof that this is the best place on earth!

Regards to all!

Joan Nykiforuk

Thanks Joan
You Lucky Rascal...!!!
Also this site is for all GPKer's and our friends to use and share with all..

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