Monday, February 04, 2008

Random Access Memory

Hi Marty,

 I would like to thank Doug G for his kind words of encouragement but also to let him know that mind works in mysterious ways and at times fools me more than it does others.  Unlike most folks my thinking is non-linear and is evident in my musings.  As I put Lexmark printer to HP multi-purpose paper I insert little anecdotes of happenings in my life.  So, Marty your rip across the principals lawn on the old Tiger 110 could end up as one.

 What is amazing to me is that anyone reads what I send in.  After I put keyboard to email I have to hit send before I change my mind.  As I say the thought process is convoluted.

 My life has always been an open book and I have gone through this one with reckless abandon. Perhaps in the next one I will be more subdued.... not.

 A good example of how ridiculous my actions have been would be the day I walked in to DEC in Kanata, John McC's and Graham K's backyard, I walked up to reception and asked for my buddy Harry, in a business like manner the receptionist said " Who shall I say is calling"........ "Bob Hawkins" I say............ "THE BOB HAWKINS" says she.... oops.... what the heck have I done now... "I've heard stories about you" she says and proceeds to call a few of her friends in the company to let them know who is at reception..... Wow... celebrity status at DEC... the notorious rogue Bob Hawkins has arrived.

 I wouldn't say my life has been a joke or that I committed unforgivable acts however, I have stepped in it a few times.  Even the union between John Hawkins and Frances Taylor, my parents, has a ridiculous side to it.  So Doug, my musings will always have that little bit of "sic" in them and hopefully people will see the humor as well as the historical value of my ancestry.

 Thanks again,

Bob H

Thanks Bob

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