Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Reddy Memorial spurs memories

Hi Marty, I didn't realize the "Reddy" article would create as much feedback as it did. Ed Boucher sent me an e-mail with a story of his relationship to the hospital and a link to a website that said the "Reddy" had closed in 1997 and the foundation that was responsible for the disposable of its assets had ,in 2005, made a final donation of $155,000. to the Douglas Hospital (sanitarium)( known to us kids way back when as ( most definitely politically-incorrect)The Looney Bin.

In fact we did on a couple of occasions bike from "The Park" into Verdun to The Douglas and stood outside the high wrought iron fence teasing the inmates. Mea Culpa. The photo submitted by Bob Hawkins is the Atwater Market and was a place that my Dad and I would frequent on a Sat morning for Pickled Pig's Knuckles and Winkles( snails which my brother Jim and I would have to take out of their shell with a safety pin ad then drop them in vinegar to soak for about 12 hrs before eating). JMcC

Thanks John

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