Saturday, February 02, 2008

Small World...

Hi Marty,

After I read John McC's comments on the blog I decided to Google the Herbert Reddy Memorial Hospital what a surprise I got when the forth item to pop up was your blog and John's comments on "The Reddy". It really brings things into perspective on how small this World of ours has become since the introduction of the "Search Engine".

Who would have thought that we 60 something folks would be using such terms as Search Engine, URL, Domain etc. never mind surfing the net.

While it keeps us, well some of us, mentally alert it is also mind boggling on how quickly a message can travel around the world. It can also be a dangerous thing as exemplified by Bob Alains posting about phishing.

Keep up the good work Marty, it is greatly appreciated by your readers and contributors.

Bob H

P.S. It seems that book writing is the fashion of the day (no disrespect intended to John R and his wonderful book about the Park) so in that vein I thought I would write my biography. I call it "Musings of a Simple Mind"..... or "Musings of a Sic Mind" (no typo).

Thanks Bob

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