Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow in Burlington Ont.

"Good Morning Greenfield Park"

Well Marty et al, not wanting to be out done by the older folk from "The Park" I have taken the attached photos of our snow in Burlington. As you will note I have failed to remove the snow from the drive. After the "storm of the century" I had the good intentions of bringing out my snowblower, thats the electric one that I purchased at a garage sale for the princely sum of $20.00.

I opened the garage and, well you saw the pictures of my garage, was unable to locate it. Anyway I will be getting my new company vehicle soon and hopefully I will never shovel again since it is all-wheel-drive. Like I told you the other day Marty, I have found full time employment after a 63 year search. Its amazing how easy it is to impress people on an application form after 45 years. When filling in the education portion I didn't feel it necessary to write out the entire name of the Montreal Institute of Technology, it really surprised me when they had heard of MIT.

Pat is really excited about my being able to retire the old truck. She tells me that she will finally get a good nights sleep. It seems that the sound of parts falling off have kept her awake nights.

Bob H
PS. Really great seeing all those folks finally coming out and participating in John McC's challenge.

Thanks Bob

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