Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some More Third Street Names

Hi Marty and to George P Mea Culpa re the Worthingtons. but they were not on my radar screen for the era I was thinking of. I was concentrating on the 1948-1956 period. I did though also omit some other youngsters who lived on Third but not in the Perras buildings.

Just down the street,towards Devonshire, on the same side was David Fraser,brother Doug and two sisters, and across the Street from Mead's was Elaine Cantley and then the Goddard Bros(Gerry and Mike who owned a cool 1949 Mercury) who moved in after the Cantley's, and two doors down from Cantley's, again towards Devonshire was Brian George Pendlebury who moved in after "Red" Beck(great golfer) ,his mother( owned the little candy store on Empire after Cater's) and sister moved to St Lambert.

Although a little older than us I should mention that "Buddy"( the best whistler I ever heard and who I tried to emulate) and Bev Nathan lived next to the Frasers. JMcC
Thanks John

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