Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Musings About the Recent Posts

Hi Marty. Some musings re some of the recent postings.

(1) I remember Andy Nairn as mentioned by Ellen Stone, because he once brought the sawnose from a sawfish into Royal George, the original show-and-tell.

(2) I was going to write and say that the fellow bending over to make a snowball in John Riley's photo, both because of his features but also because of the mischievous glint in his eye, was my late brother Jim . In light of Doug Garrett's letter I am asking John Riley to verify the date of the photo.

(3) re Bud Holland-- yes Bud was in the merchant marine for a while and when he came home after being at sea for quite some time he bought a Karman Ghia (VW sports car) . One night, he, Bill Webb and I headed into Montreal for a night of clubbing. Your really don't know how uncomfortable it is to ride from Greenfield Park to Montreal sitting at a slant because I was too tall to sit upright.

Bud did eventually move to Ottawa and as Ellen says he worked in ad sales for The Ottawa Citizen newspaper and as I understand became somewhat of a wine cognoscenti and even wrote a column for a wine magazine(not 100% sure) I met up with Bud about 2 years ago when I was peddling John Riley's book.

Bill Webb had contacted me and ordered two books as Christmas Gifts, one for his sister Sharon, and one for Bud. I agreed to deliver Bud's copy personally and so went to his house in downtown Ottawa.

We had a good chat about many things and specifically about Bud's current hobbies--bird-watching and fencing. He hasn't changed much in all the years.

(4) The Lapiniere Hotel-- I noticed the photo of my good friend Winston"tire iron" Swinwood hiding out from the gunmen, under a table. I have been with him on many occasions when he should have been under the table but his capacity and constitution wouldn't permit it.

(5) The photo of "The Lap" brings back another story. One Sunday summer afternoon a few of us fellows were sitting in my parents backyard on Murray having a few barley sandwiches when the gate opened and Karl Jorgenson walked through.

He had been away working in the Peace River country of Alberta for about a year and his return obviously called for a party. We were almost out of beer and so I said I would go up to the Lap to resupply. In those days the grocery stores were closed on Sundays but if you went to the back door of the hotel you could buy a two-four at regular prices plus a one dollar handling fee.

Karl said he would drive and we went out to the street and lo and behold there was Karl's new vehicle-- a british racing green Jaguar XKE. We got into the car drove down Devonshire to the stop sign where Simard joined Devonshire/Lapiniere. From the stop sign to the "Lap" was approximately 1/4 mile and after 4 gear shifts we were doing 85 mph just when we had to brake and pull into the hotel parking lot. JMcC

Thanks John

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