Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thanks to Bill Knight

Hi Marty. First a hello to Bill Knight, the fastest man to come out of "The Park" and thanks for the kind words. To Normand, since the class photo was taken in 1944-45 and I was only 3-4 yrs old at the time and Rejean Durocher was probably only a year older than me she was not likely to be in that picture.

More importantly though was Ellen Stone's mention of the Sauve boys. They lived next to the Mead's house in the Perras block where us Third Street Gang used to hang around and they along with Grant Mead were our mentors and kind of looked out for us.

If I'm not mistaken there were three brothers George ,Gerald and I don't remember the other brothers name.When Jim and I were kids my dad allowed us to make some extra money by selling some of the apples from our prolific transparent apple tree, 25 cents for a small basket and the Sauve's were one of my customers.

Another tie between the Sauve's and the McConachie's occured when my brother Jim purchased Gerald Sauve's 1964 black Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. JMcC

Thanks John

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