Friday, February 22, 2008

A Tragic Lose in the Hawkins Family

Hi John and Marty,

Sad news regarding Alison Barnaby-Graydier's husband. Alison and her sister Kim lived with Roz and Dave Snyder and Alison considered Roz as she would a natural mother. See the attached message from my nephew Paul.

Bob H

Hi Folks,

More bad news... I have have sent the email I received from Paul Snyder regarding Alison's husband. He was on his way home from work in London and was hit and killed by a bus. The attched email explains it better.

Love to all Bob and Pat

Hey uncle Bob!

Hope you and all the gang is doing well... Sorry to bring you some bad news! Yet another death in our family! Allison's (in London) husband David was killed tonight in London. He was hit by a bus while on his bicycle on his way home after work at about 9pm your time. (1am London time) The police are still conducting the investigation but they said to Al that he died upon impact with the bus. There was no way possible to even try to save him on the scene.

I just got off the phone with Kim and David S. a few minutes ago. Oddly enough I found out by getting onto MSN chat and noticed Kim's profile saying leaving tomorrow for London: Death in the family. (I say oddly, because I rarely get onto MSN and was about to go to bed!) Kim is leaving for London tomorrow evening and David, Goretti and I will be going on Tuesday the 26 to Sunday the 2nd to see her. I am in Calgary right now and return to MTL on Monday afternoon.

I wanted to let you know as soon as possible and didn't want to call you to wake you up to startle you, thus this email...

I am in meetings all day tomorrow but David said he will call you tomorrow morning. He is in meetings from 7am to about 11am in Brampton.

I will try to give you a call as well during the day tomorrow.

Take care...
Paul Snyder

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