Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Warrior Pics (Added Comments)

Marty , the names for the 1960 photo and the 2003 photo are as follows:

1960 Team photo-- Back row L-R-- George Graham,Bob Morley, Batboy?, John McConachie,"Red" Drummond, Doug Paquette
Middle row L-R Richard Tombs, Donnie Bremner, Len Davis,Bobby Evans(dec), Mr Graham (coach)
Front row L-R Wally Robinson,Bruce Thompson, Johnny Normandeau(dec) Claude Desormeaux (dec)

2003 reunion photo-- Back row L-R Doug Paquette,John mcConachie,"Red" Drummond,Len Davis,Bob Morley
Front row L-R Donnie Bremner, George Graham, Wally Robinson, George Hollingdrake, Bruce Thompson

Thanks John McC

Marty, I forgot to provide a caption for the three guys with the banner in the Warriors article. They are left to right Ken Crawley,John McConachie and the late Bobby Evans preparing to march in the parade celebrating the GFPK 50th anniversary. JMcC

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