Friday, February 08, 2008

Wrestling Memories

Hi Marty - I just finished reading John McConachie's remeniscences about wrestlers in the Montreal Forumn in the 1950's. I too remember hearing about the time Yukon Eric lost an ear in combat with "Killer" Kowalski.

My paternal grandfather William Richardson, after he retired from CPR's Angus Shops, took a job as a house detective at a hotel on Windsor Street near St Antoine which I believe was called the Albertan.

That is where many of the wrestlers of the day stayed. As a youngster I was often puzzled as to how my 70-something reed thin grampa would cope with a disturbance between Argentina Roca and Gorgeous George. In many ways I wish I still had the mind of a curious 10-year-old learning about life with a full of a sense of adventure.

Years later my cousin bought a house in Tsawassen, BC - not far from the ferry terminal - and her next-door neighbour was Don Leo Johnathan - another famous name from that wrestling era. I remember my dad bought a TV in 1953 - and wrestling was on CBFT every wednesday night at 8:00 o'clock.

Pop Goldbourn, an elderly neighbour from down the street who lived with Abby Sones' family, used to come every week and he loved the sport. It was fun to see this elderly gent become so impassioned and animated during the bouts.

Thanks to John for kick-starting my memory bank and thanks to you for keeping the blog alive. When I mention it to friends, many wish that they had a similar vehicle which spoke to their respective home towns. Best – Gus R.

Thanks Gus, Your kind words are appreciated…

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