Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Churchill Blvd Opinions

Hi Marty,

I understand your reasoning in entering into the Frey with regard to the den on iniquity opening on Churchill however one must understand that we live in a free society. Until there is a criminal act by the enterprise there is no legal reason to prevent its operation. If your readers recollect the judgement which opened the doors to strip clubs in Quebec they will understand why council is unable to prevent these businesses from existing.

In the sixties, when Lilly St. Cyr came to town, the Montreal Police raided Champs Show Bar. They arrested the patrons, along with Lily. The final judgement was that we live in a free society and no-one forced the patrons to enter the premises. The strip show could not be considered as being illicit, unsavory or illegal since it was an individual choice to enter the showroom.

I know this since Pat and I were there. At the time Lily St. Cyr was in her 50's and a legend. My dad had spoken of her many times but had not himself seen her perform. Her show was worth seeing. There was nothing obscene about it however times have changed and the business has been sullied by organized crime. As for the "Rub and Tugs" on Churchill Boulevard... well time will show that they are illicit..... until then the politicians hands are tied..... no pun intended.

Bob H

Thanks Bob I’m afraid you are right.

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