Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Churchill Blvd Problems..

As a resident of Greenfield Park (on Churchill Blvd I might add), I am disgusted by the lack of foresight and utter lack of social responsibilty demonstrated by the mayor and his crew. That type of poor decision-making would surely get me fired from my job. Ironically, hours before last night's town meeting, I received the local Longueuil/GFPK newspaper that was filled with pages upon pages on safety for our GFPK children, fun & happy thoughts on daycamps, health and safety etc. It's very difficult to take anything the town says seriously.

I don't understand why we're only hearing about this now, on the eve of the opening. The mayor states that his hands are tied. However, I am curious. Are their hands really tied or is this yet another case of corrupt politicians? You have to wonder since the city puts up such a stink on trivial issues such as outside signage of healthy viable businesses (that will help beautify the nightbourhood) yet, they conveniently don't KNOW about the actual goings on in a 'spa' and blindly give a permit to an overtly XXX business. Some things just don't add up.

I love Greenfield Park, but quite honestly, I am worried. The town has gone downhill since we moved here 3 years ago, SIGNIFICANTLY downhill. We are doing everything to improve our home, increase the value, up the curb-appeal etc. etc. And businesses like Azur and Sexxxodium, and while we're at it, the increasing amount of graffiti, the small gangs of up-to-no good kids wandering around at night, the drug deals in broad daylight, are only contributing to decrease the value of our property and worst still, are going to make it even harder for us to sell if we want to get out. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to leave, but GFPK is turning into a ghetto. Something needs to be done ASAP!!!
As for the issue at hand (The sexxxodium) I offer a few suggestions for outraged citizens:
1-when the Sexxxodium opens, during opening hours, we should stand out there all day long and film the customers. Catch them on film and post on blogs and on YouTube. Strike them where it will hurt the most, their client base. The average joe doesn't want anyone to know that they frequend such establishments... it's worth a try.
2- let's set up a giant screen on Mr. Mayor's front lawn and have a XXX movie play in a loop. Sound ridiculous? Well, so does letting the Sexxxodium open less than 100 feet from a residential area.
It feels good to get that off my chest. I just hope that something will get done, and things will shape up in GFPK or we'll be forced to ship out! :(
Thanks for listening,

Thanks Joanne

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