Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour March 29

Hi Marty,

Here is how the kids spent Earth Hour. Our grandson Jack and daughter-in-law Tracy playing checkers by candlelight. It sure brought back fond memories from my youth when we would go to Mississquoi Bay for the summer. We would sit around with oil lamps and Roz would read stories to me. There were also great times spent at my great aunt Eva's home on Lac St. Louis in Valois when we would turn on the radio in the evening and listen to mystery programs. I would go to bed terrified.

Bob H
PS My little Nissan Rogue goes like snot. Its built on the Sentra platform and has the same base engine and tranny as the SE-R. Shocks a lot of people. The CVT tranny is strange at first, what with no gear shifting, but surprisingly quick when passing.

Thanks Bob

The Electric demand was reduced by 5% Sat. Night around here. I would have thought that it would have been much more.

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