Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friends Get Together

Hi Marty:

The other day, my sister and I were able to get in touch with Elizabeth (Newberry) Baird and enjoy a great visit. Elizabeth has a winter home in Florence, Arizona which is a little over an hr. drive from Scottsdale. Attached are some pictures.

There are various types of beautiful cactus plants in her yard, as well as citrus trees (lemon, orange & grapefruit). One of the pictures has Elizabeth standing by her HUGE Saguaro cactus which is beautiful in shape and condition. So often the birds will ruin a beauty like this, but hers is almost perfect. The Saguaro is common to our Arizona desert.

The picture of the three of us was taken in front of another type of cactus called Prickly Pear. When in bloom they are beautiful. The fruit of the prickly pear is edible and is often used to make candies and jelly which are found in specialty shops. In the same picture, the cactus toward the bottom is a "Jumping Cholla". The merest touch will leave a person with bits of cactus hanging on their clothes to be discovered later.

As we were walking around the property, her neighbor brought our attention to a Dove who had made a very hearty nest in the grapefruit tree and she was sitting as quietly as can be. We really had to look very closely as it was positioned in a way that was well camouflaged.

It sure was fun to talk about our childhood days in the Park while at the same time enjoying our Arizona surroundings.

JoAnn (Miller) Gowens

Thanks JoAnn

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