Saturday, March 01, 2008

Health Care Systems

Hi Marty

The piece on the brain surgery, U.S. vs Canada. This is a fact ! Absolutly incredible, that we as Canadians have let our medical system go to pot! 30 yrs ago we laughed at the Russian medical system, how arcaic and behind the times in procedure and treatment.
Today, it's no laughing matter, it really boils down to " who can Afford treatment" Governments talk about 2 tier systems. In my opion (if it means anything) Health care should be controlled nationally not provinciallly.There is a big delema here in ottawa with waiting times for MRI's and most probably nationwide.A hospital in general ,might have 5 or 8 scanning machines, but usually, only 1 or 2 are functioning.
I say, FIX the bloody equipment, and lets get on with it, stop the political retoric, lives are at stake!!!!!
To go back ( if I may) .... In 1976, Montreal hosted the olympics. A lottery was generated ,by the Que governemt. The funds generated were to go towards heath care and education. When the gov saw how much revenue that was created, LOTTO Quebec was born, other provinces followed suit. I have yet to see a annual report of the profits of each yr. that are supposed to go to the health and education fund. If any of your readers know if these reports exists, I would be very interested in knowing how to obtain copies.
I am really getting disappointed with the Canadian political scene, let's get back to the basics. Our future depends on it, as a world leading nation.
Marty, I know this sounds like a political stance, i'm not trying to disrupt your site as a downer.I'm curious how others feel about the subject?
Allan Wright

Thanks Allan,
I will draw the line here. No more political posts…!!

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