Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Peep Show Update



Sexxodium-Peep Show News: The Signs have been taken down!!!. The Protesting will continue until we have reclaimed Churchill.

Since the town hall meeting, attended by 350-400 people, Monday March 3, a successful citizens’ protest and picketing campaign is continuing daily.

Citizens have been picketing effectively discouraging customers of sexually oriented business on Churchill. Regular picketing has occurred since the meeting. The owners of these businesses are being discouraged. The police have been very present during these activities and are telling us the picketing is more effective than what they can do legally.

Peaceful, lawful, dignified protest is effective and helpful!!!!

So far we have been covering morning and evening rush hours, paydays, evenings Thursday/Friday Nights and busy weekend periods. Help us increase our presence.

How can you help?

Email actiongpk@live.ca to volunteer for picketing. Send us your name, telephone number and availability. We want to increase our hours of coverage.

The Citizens Action Committee’s petition is still in circulation. Although we have many signatures, we are still looking for people interested in passing them around their own streets. Contact us actiongpk@live.ca with your contact info.

The Committee is arranging to meet with and present the petitions to the City before the next Town Council Meeting.


Thanks Normand

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