Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost in the Snow...!!!

Hi Marty

How are you doing? Well we've survived mother nature's major hit this passed weekend 52cm's, here in Ottawa! The side roads are still in a shambles but we're coping.....I took some pics but I lost the camera in the snow, can't find the bloody thing, not happy about that!!!!
Anyway, how is the windy city? I don't think you have 15 ft like us......oh well it's a canadian winter,something that we are all a customed to. We just need 33 more cm's to break the record.......not that I want it!!!!!!! At this rate the snow won't be gone till Aug!!!!!
I've been monitoring the goings on about the Massage parlour and the peep show place,and I just want to extend all KUDOS to all the picketers and protesters on these types of establishments in the town core.If this type of activity should be the new wave,then say good-bye to the The Town of ,not the bourough, of GFPK !!!

It saddens me to hear from my contacts, of the goings on in the park ie: graffetti, gang fear, total disrespect in general from the young, toward the elderly.What is going on? I think that the constituance should seriously consider opting out of the amalgimation before it's too late,like St. Lambert did, there is a 5 yr moritorium.Alot of voters were swayed by the lies of less taxes,better services.
I have 1 Q, have the taxes been lowered and have the services been better?.........NO!!!
I was down there 2 weeks ago on a visit and I was very disappointed of what i saw and what was being told to me by realatives and friends.I'm not making a politcal statement but, if you love GFPK ,put a STOP to all the nonesence that's going on! A 5million $ police station that was added to the town hall, it functioned for 1 yr then all services were re-routed to St.Lambert. 5 million$ of tax payers money????? I'm sorry I don't get it?
As a matter of fact, there has been a massage parlour in St.Lambert for at least 20 yrs , right above the old Miss italia on St.Denis & Desaulniers, sorry St.Lambert doesn't do any wrong............

I know that I have ruffled some feathers, but you know what, that's what makes this country what it is. If you don't stand -up and speak your mind no one will.
I'm sorry if I have offended some readers, i never had any intention to do so and i apoligize
All the best
Allan Wright

Thanks Allan We don't get anywhere as much snow as you do. We had about 50 inches so far and a normal winter is 35 inches

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