Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mr. Amyot Remembered

Marty, just some added comments to Sandy's email re Mr. Amyot.

I will always remember him as well, and attribute my french speaking knowledge mostly to him. My maiden name was Trudeau! Well, this made me fair game for him during oral exam times. He would always keep me longer than the others. Even when he attended our classes, he would look down the names list and ask who was Madamoiselle Trudeau, I would have to raise my hand and he would start the conversation with me. I guess he thought that with a French name I would naturally be more proficient in the language.

On the other side of the coin, my father was a street speaking Frenchman and spoke Quebecois. I would come home and speak to him in the French I was learning and he would shake his head and tell me the "correct" words and pronunciation. Then he would go to the school on parents night and tell the French teachers that they were teaching the "wrong" French in school and how did we expect to get along in the business world,etc..etc.......

So with two French teachers, I guess I came out of it knowing both versions of the language, which helped me in my jobs and also when I went to France later on.

Thanks Flo H.

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