Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow in Stittsville Ont.

HI Marty, Attached are some photos taken Sun. morning March 9th here in Stittsville (just outside of Ottawa) Ontario, the results of a storm which dumped a total of 52 cms (20.5 inches) from Fri evening to Sunday morning.

This was on the heels of 30 cms which fell on Tues /Wed of that same week. We are now at 411 cms(13-1/2 feet) and depending on the source we are now only 24 or 33 cms off the all time record of 435/444 cms or 14 feet which was set in the winter of 1970-71.

That same season Montreal had a total 385 cms but 3.3ft (101 cms) fell on the weekend of March 4-5-6, and apparently was the only time in history that the City of Montreal was shut down. Just some trivia for the amateur meteorologist out there.

PS the pics are a little cloudy because it was still snowing and the plow did not hit our street until 3:00 pm Sunday

Thanks John McC.

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