Sunday, March 16, 2008

Three Options

The men in the example went wrong when they decided to take the savings and treat it like it was a cash refund which they could divide.
Here are some of the options...

Option 1

If they Had applied the same formula to the $80.00 as they did to the $100.00 They would all have paid less, except for those who didn't pay in the first place.
They would still pay nothing..
It would work as follows

Man # New payment savings

10 $47.20 $11.80
9 14.40 3.60
8 9.60 2.40
7 5.60 1.40
6 2.40 .60
5 .80 .20
4-1 0.00 0.00

Total $ 80.00 $ 20.00 That would be the Canadian way

Option 2 the Corporation business way which would be............

Man # 10 buys up all the beer at a discount price which equals $ 80.00.per 10 beer...

Sells 6 of them them to #'s 9 to 5 for $16.00 each or a total of .................................. $ 96.00
takes the other 4 and puts them into twice as many containers
half the original size and sells those 8 for $12.00 each or a total of ............................ $ 96.00
Total cost $ 80.00 Total sales $ 192.00
$ 192.00 less $80.00 yields.................. $112.00 profit per 10 beer
Of course Those who can't afford to buy beer should either join A.A. or make their own

Option 3 Marxis-Lennin distribution of wealth and commodities way which would be

Men # 10 and 9 would loose all their property to the government, be called capitalists and sent to do hard labour in the coal mines..
Men #'s 8 to 5 would loose all their property to the government and be forced to work in the brewery making beer @ less than minimum wage
Men #'s 4 to 2 would run the government owned liquor outlet, be payed less than minimum wage, but can keep 25% of the graft
Man # 1 would export the beer to United states, call it Vodka and keep the profits
Of course a limited supply of beer would be available on the black market for local consumption to those who could afford it. .

For those that understand the above. good, you know we live in a great country and things could be worse
For those that don't, then don't complain when you get the kind of government you deserve..

Doug g

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