Friday, March 21, 2008

Two Obituaries. & John R needs some help..

Hi Marty,

Just before Christmas I took some photos of Santa travelling around the Park in his sleigh handing out presents to children. I said I'd reveal his name in a subsequent e-mail. I forgot all about my promise, but it has just come back to me. The man who has organized this generous activity, and has done so for about 30 years is none other than John Nelson, who lives in the apartment building on the corner of Churchill and Vercheres. He is not Santa, Santa is Santa, but John is a man with the true spirit of Christmas.

I'm also including two obituaries, one from this morning's Gazette - Mrs Fogarty - and one about a month old, of Mr. Amyot.

Mrs. Fogarty, wife of Gerry and mother of Sharon, a regular reader of the blog, lived on Maple Street since the 1940s. Our prayers and condolences go out to Sharon, her father and her sisters Maureen and Kathleen.

Mr. Amyot did not teach at Royal George, but according to Bill Knight he made all the students of the 1960s worried when he showed up at the school to give the French oral tests.

I also have started looking through old issues of the Courrier du Sud for articles mentioning Greenfield Park. Because there was an English paper in the Park at that time - the South Shore News - there was little mention of the Park in the Courrier du Sud. This is very sad because while the French Courrier was preserved and microfilmed, the English South Shore News was not, so I know I'm not going to find very much about the Park until the mid 1970s when the English paper went out of business. If anyone has old copies of the South Shore News, or articles cut out of it, I'd love to get a scanned copy so I can learn what was going on in the Park at this time. My address is jrileygfpk AT hotmail. COM. Obviously you know why I capitalized the AT and the COM. Marty told us it helps block phishers.

I have read Jan. to Mar 1966 and among those pages is an article I found about a hockey game. Some people may enjoy seeing it again after all these years.

John Riley

Thanks John

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