Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Quiz from John Riley (Reply)

Black and White Photos:

1) 5 kids on a homemade rink. I'm one of the five - back row center. Let's see if bloggers can guess the other four.

The three houses in the background are L to R: Coote, Archibald-Renselear and Tombs.

2) Does anyone remember the Big Slide on Taschereau south of Gladstone Street? It was built by people like Graham Kinsey, Alfie Davis and myself. There were a few other of my friends involved but I'm not sure who they were. We were lucky the union heavies never showed up because none of us were members. It was financed by a man from Cote St. Luc who had Cookie Lazarus as a partner. I don't think it last more than two years somewhere between 1968 and 1970. Does anyone remember the little chicken restaurant right beside it? It's building is still there.

Thanks John

Hi Marston

Let me guess who those youngsters are in John’s hockey photo.

Back row: Fred Evanovich, John R, Me ( Bill Knight )
Front row: Pat Riley, Michael Riley

Great photo on John’s rink. We usually alternated the rink site from year to year but most years it was between John’s house and his Aunt Anne DeSerres house. We had a lot of fun on those rinks. I think John mentioned using the wood from his old garage doors as the backstop for the nets. John was always so innovative—I just followed along.

Bill Knight

Thanks Bill

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