Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bob All Dressed Up...!!!!

Hi Marty,

Well Pat and I went to the Scarborough Golf and Country Club Saturday and a wedding broke out. This is a photo of my little buddy Harry, the father of the groom. Its funny how life turns out. If you had told me 42 years ago that Harry would be my bestest buddy, I would have told you that you were smoking too much weed.

The tie, well that was a 50th B'day gift from Harry and Pauline. We play a lot of cards together. We have pictures on the beach in New Brunswick, Milton, Hawaii, Florida, Constance Bay, you name it we have a picture of us playing cards..... we also have a picture of me in front of all the local cop shops.... it seems they wanted to see pictures of me on the outside..... what can I say... never did grow up.

Oh well

Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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