Monday, April 28, 2008

Cristo and Jeanne Claude

"This is an e-mail about Cristo and Jeanne-Claude - artists who "wrap" famous buildings and who have created other huge and unusual projects around the world.

So... what is their connection to Greenfield Park? Well, they "wrapped" the Reichstag in Berlin and I saw the PAINTING (by Christo) of this project in the dentist's office on Churchill (near Parent/St-Hubert). I was very curious about it and, when I asked, the dentist explained that Christo and his wife have 'wrapped' many huge buildings - and that Christo is his cousin!

Because of copyright the pictures cannot be posted here, but to see their projects, please look on their site: Christo & Jeanne-Claude. The "Wrapped Reichstag" is very dramatic, but The "Curtain, Rifle, Colorado" is a real beauty!" Click on the Link Below

Thanks Diana J.P.

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