Wednesday, April 09, 2008

David's Daughter need's our Support...Pls Help

Saturday March 29th, my 17 year old daughter Jessica was involved in a serious car crash that left her with a burst vertebrae and both legs with multiple fractures . She will walk again but it will be a long time to get there. I have a request of my old parkers and young parkers . There is a website for the hospital she is in that you can send an electronic greeting and I figured the more greetings she gets the more inspired she will be to recover. Positive thoughts from all over cant hurt .

Her registered name and room in the hospital is " Jessica Charity-MacNevin , Trauma Ward 3F3 Room # 2 "

Here is the link to the website and greeting:


Couldn't paste link on here but it is up in subject line , can you get it on your webpage , I am lacking sleep and patience right now , my baby is hurting and I am so wanting to take it away ... thanks

Dave MacNevin

Thanks Dave.

I have made the Link active so people can just click on it to contact the Hospital. I hope she recovers quickly.


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