Friday, April 18, 2008

Europe Versus N. America Prices for Fuel

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to close friends in Manchester, England asking them to advise the latest price for fuel at the pumps in the U.K.

 I just received a reply stating that as of this morning April 17th the price was posted at 1.17 P.S. per litre - When I was over there the summer before last it was at an even 1.00 P.S. per litre.

 Based on this information, here is where we stand presently in North America. We will take it as a given that the U.S. & Cdn. dollar is basically the same:

 I gassed up here in London this morning at $1.18 per litre..................

  In London, On. Based on a U.S. Gal.    =    $4.48 Cdn/U.S. 

                       Based on a Imp. Gal.     =      5.31 Cdn/U.S.


On CNN last night listed at $3.40/Gal average nation wide:


                       Based on U.S. Gal.       =      3.40 Cdn/U.S.

                       Based on Imp. Gal.       =      4.03 Cdn/U.S.


Price in the U.K.


                       Based on U.S. Gal.       =      8.89 Cdn/U.S.

                       Based on Imp. Gal.       =     10.53 Cdn/U.S.


Here in North America we know we are being shafted by big oil and Gov't. but what really should worry us is if the pigs at the trough are heading us toward U.K. prices!!

Nothing should surprise us anymore!!


UK and Europe have always been almost twice the price as compared with us. and the weaker dollar doesn't help either...MN


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