Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great to Hear you are on the Mend Jessica.

Wanted to thank all you GPK'ers who sent the most inspiring wishes to my daughter , Jessica read them and was genuinely appreciative of the love and positive wishes being sent form total strangers , she was blown away ...... and her recovery has reached incredible levels ...she is now at home resting until she can start physio on her legs in about 3 months from today . 

Here she is hugging a bear that was sent from  other strangers that I chat with on an  "Ice Road Truckers" forum as I was involved in the Ice Roads near Yellowknife for several years. We are well on the way to recovery and I know the power of the people that prayed and sent well wishes contributed huge . 


 Dave & Gail  MacNevin


Thanks Dave & Gail

Great news to hear that Jessica is doing so well

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