Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guess Who?? (John Gives a Hint)

I have something for the blog as well. Since Normand is always sending quizes to the blog I thought I'd send one. I am sending a photo from 1995 taken in PEI. The boy holding the dog lives in the Park, but the tall boy on the right doesn't. However he does have a close connection to the Park. I'm going to give a hint. The tall boy on the right has been on TV several times in the last few weeks, as a matter of fact, he's been on TV many times in the last two or three years. Let's see if anyone can guess who he is, and what is his connection to Greenfield Park? The winner wins nothing, just bragging rights for identifying him.


John Riley


Thanks John

For the quiz I sent give everyone another hint - Calgary.

Thanks John R.

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