Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ice Rink Location

In reply to Bob H.'s note on the location of this picture....

 I had come across this newspaper clipping in a  box of  memobilia that Bud had saved over the years, and gave it to John Riley for his archives.            While there may have been some rinks set up in different locations,  this particular one  was  definitely down by the Town Hall.                                                     

 Back in 1957  this is where  'Bud'    spent his Saturday mornings,     along with his brother-in-law  'Johnny Robins'  (and other dedicated volunteers)  coaching  the little kids in hockey.  Before the kids could get on the ice,   coaches and parents  would have to clear the snow from the  rink   - with shovels and brooms..   there was no ZAMBONI in those days!

 Sorry Bob.....  I will  agree to disagree ----agreeably...  with you!



Thanks Joyce T.

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