Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kind Words For Normand

Hi Marston


I got out the habit of logging onto the blog and have realized I have been missing the glimpses of home I have so enjoyed through your blog. I am now on a better routine of checking in!


Thanks to all my friends for their kind words on the loss of my Mom. She was an incredible lady and remained aware and alert until she passed away at aged 92. I miss her. I was happy to hear that Norm Simard stopped in to see my Dad. THANKS NORM! You are correct my Dad is a very special man and he is a treasure trove of information about the Park and the City of Montreal. One correction: Dad will actually be 96 in December.


I am looking forward to seeing everyone in September. As soon as I learn how to scan photos I will send some along to the blog.


Thanks for all you do to keep us connected.


Sharon Fogarty Hawkins


Thanks Sharon,

You are very welcome…


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