Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking For Charlie & Anita Banning

Hello Marty

 Since I appreciate what you're doing I don't think I'll send in any criticism of any kind. 

 I was just trying to get Anita's phone number but the Long Distance operator doesn't have a listing for her in Newberry Park.   Does anyone knows how to contact her?  Many thanks.  Yes, she is a fine lady.

 I'm sure I saw Charlie's White Olds - but not being into cars I can't remember all the details.  What is an extended kit?  (I have a real phobia when it comes to driving - and   since there's no such thing as public transport  out here in the country it's a BIG draw back.  (I swear this province is the worst  - a real dinosaur in that respect).  

 If I come across any G. Park pictures I will try to send them (I don't know how to get them onto the computer).  I remember walking down to St. Lambert one day and taking pictures of the water front before the Seaway was built. 

 Oh!  One thing of interest.  When I was living in the teeny-weeny hamlet of Heidelberg (Ontario) just north of Waterloo, my (then) husband and I discovered a Railway Museum in Rockwood (near Guelph).  We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a Montreal & Southern Counties coach   which had a sign with 4 place names on it but I can only remember GREENFIELD PARK   SPRINGFIELD PARK.  (Perhaps MACKAYVILLE and BROOKLINE).  Naturally, we forgot to bring a camera.  When we went 'home' for Christmas and told everyone, they all lamented that we didn't have any pictures.   So...

 One day in the middle of winter we went back to take pictures.  The place was closed.  Did that stop us?  No way.  We climbed the fence...

when all of a sudden a great big dog and the people who had been skating on the pond across the road came bounding  after us.  Well, they were nice about it and explained that it was closed in winter, but would you believe they called someone who came up and let us into the 'hangar' and let us take as many pictures as we wanted. 

 Meanwhile, Marty,  I'll keep enjoying the pictures and stories.  I'm sure you find them as interesting as I do.




Thanks Diana,

Let’s see if some one knows how to get in touch with Charlie and Anita Banning Today.

Can anyone Help????

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