Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking for Riders for an Exciting Trip

Hey Marty - After receiving such positive feedback from so many - Win, Flo, John etc. , have been working on the bus suggestion for that 5000 mile round trip for those of us in BC to attend the reunion. 

The encouragement has been most appreciated and I know that my fellow park alumni are anxiously looking forward to the trip - a cosy 10 day adventure on wheels. Appending a photo of the one vehicle that we have at our disposal now -, and I think it could quite comfortably accomodate 12 of us. 

It would be fuel efficient and motor along at speeds up to 90 kilometres per hour - thus extending the joy we'd take from each others company. Happily the time of year would not require a heater, since I well remember delivering turkeys with Walter Delafosse in one of these at Christmas 1962 (thank you Harry Ryder and Gatehouse) and we froze our little whatsits off! 

While this represents one option, am also thinking more upscale - my neighbour has a 1950 Brewster Bus from Banff that he has converted to a motor home. Research on that possibility underway.

 In the meantime please start compiling a list of those BC residents wishing to ride the bus to Niagra and sharing in the joy and fellowship as well as the driving and gas and camping and cooking and washing up. Sounds delightful - so we should cap the list at 12. 

Thanks Marty - I knew I could count on you. Best Gus


Thanks Gus R.

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